Lesson #12
Questions To Ask About One's Salvation

(Below are some questions that you might want to ask the one you are studying with before you teach him anything about baptism)

1)  Have you been saved?

2)  How old were you when you were saved?

3)  Did you go forward in church when you were saved?

4)  Was it on Sunday morning, Sunday night, or Wednesday night when you went forward?

5)  Did you accept Jesus as your personal Saviour when you went forward?

6)  Did you or the preacher say the "Sinner's Prayer" for you when you went forward?

7)  Were you saved and your sins forgiven when you went forward in church?

8)  If you had been killed in a car wreck, on the day you went forward, as you were going home from church, would you have gone to Heaven?

9)  Have you been baptized?

10) How long after you were saved were you baptized?

11) So you say that at age ____ you went forward in church and you got saved and your sins forgiven and then you were baptized ____ weeks later?

12) So you say that you were saved and your sins were forgiven ____ weeks before you were baptized.

13) So your baptism had nothing to do with your being saved and nothing to do with your sins being forgiven since you were saved and your sins were forgiven before you were baptized?

Note: If a person is baptized, but not for the purpose of being saved and not to have his sins forgiven then that baptism does not save him nor does God forgive his sins, so he is still lost and still has every sin he has ever committed.  We must obey God by doing what God says to do, when God says to do it, how God says to do it, and for the reason God says to do it.

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By: Ron Boatwright