Lesson #2
Sources Of Prospects

     Prospects are everywhere.  The vast majority of people we come in contact with are lost (Matthew 7:13-14) and need to be taught the gospel.  We need to develop an interest in spiritual matters with them and ASK them to study the Bible with us so they can learn the truth of God's word, obey it, and go to Heaven.  The only way to set up a personal Bible study is to ASKWe need to have the parents permission for those who are not 18 years of age.

1)  Children of Members.  Whether they are minor or adult children they have usually attended the church of Christ with their parents. 

2)  Spouses of Members.  Usually have attended with their believing spouse.

3)  Friends Who Attend Youth Functions With Our Youth.  These provide a contact that is many times overlooked.

4)  Non-members Who Attend Ladies Bible Class.  Those members who are their friends can be instrumental in helping you to set up a personal Bible study with the non-member.

5)  Benevolent Contacts.  When we show care and concern for others they are more likely to be open to a personal Bible study.

6)  Bible School and VBS Contacts.  By their attendance they have indicated an interest in Bible study.

7)  Visitors to Worship Services.  By their attendance they have displayed an interest in the church.

8)  Hospital Contacts.  Those undergoing serious illness can see that their life could end at any time.

9)  Delinquent Members.  We should always try to restore the fallen, "Brethren if anyone among you wanders from the truth, and someone turns him back, let him know that he who turns a sinner from the error of his way will save a soul from death and cover a multitude of sins" (James 5:20).

10)  Neighbors.  We should want those who live near us in this world to also be with us in Heaven. 

11)  Fellow Employees.  We work with these 5 days a week.  During lunch and breaks we should bring up spiritual subjects and talk with them about their souls.

12)  Door knocking.  A good way to find prospects in a neighborhood. 

13)  Friends and Relatives of Members.  It is good when other members can help you in contacting their friends and relatives in setting up a Bible study with them. 

14)  Newcomers to Town.  They are seeking to establish new friends and are putting down new roots.  

15)  Visitors to Your Home.  We need to ask them to have a personal Bible study with us.    

16)  Those Who Take Bible Correspondence Courses.  These have already indicated an interest in Bible study.

17)  Funerals.  Those attending funerals, at that time, tend to realize the brevity of this life.

18)  Fair Booths.  Here you can come into contact with many people, who stop at the booth, who are interested in spiritual matters.

19)  Jails & Prisons.  Many incarcerated people realize they need to make some positive changes in their lives.  In jails and prisons you can always find people who are wanting someone to teach them the Bible.

20)  Rest Homes.  People in rest homes like visitors and may want a personal Bible study.  

21)  Newspaper & Radio Contacts.  These show an interest by responding to newspaper, TV, and radio contacts.

22)  Questioners & Objectors.  One who questions or objects is open to a discussion.

23)  Friends of New Converts.  Many times a new convert has friends and he would also like for them to be taught the gospel.

24)  People Seeking Counseling.  These are needing and wanting to make changes in their lives.

25)  Those Getting Married.  Particularly if the spouse of a member is not a member.

26)  People Undergoing Trauma.  People undergoing serious problems are usually looking to God for help and are usually very good prospects.


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