The Consequences Of Sin
By Bill Green

     Sin is a very powerful, yet subtle thing.  It's work is always to destroy and never to edify both physically and spiritually.  The domain of its reign is vast and diversified - it's everywhere.  Like a computer virus, it destroys communication and equipment.  Like death, it severs important, God-made relationships.  Like a seed it always grows into something bigger than it started out to be.  Like termites, often the damage is done before it is detected.  Like the Concorde, it appears faster than its counterpart.  Like a chameleon, its presence is usually camouflaged.  Like a terminal cancer, it doesn't release the host until it has sucked every ounce of life from its body.  Like a teenager, it acts to be invincible.  In business, it is ruthless and knows no compassion.  Like intoxicants and a variety of drugs, it offers an escape for a short time.  Yet to Eve it appeared to be harmless and presented only useful qualities.  It was good for food, pleasant to the eyes, and a tree to be desired to make one wise.  Eating this good, "beautiful" "food" would "make one wise" even though God had forbid even it's touch.  In humanity, sin is the choice of the day.

     It is unfortunate that wherever man exists, sin is co-existent.  It's producer is Satan.  He projects it on the screen and desensitizes the world.  He dabbles in the business world making righteousness unacceptable if advancement is desired.  He goes home with us and infects our mates and our children causing us to act out of character hence the rising divorce rate and the increasing number of posters for "lost" children.  He goes to worship with us and keeps an active eye on the development of the Lord's church.  He "tweeks" the various facets of the body just enough to keep it from enjoying full strength.  He breeds jealousy and deception which he uses to alter good judgment.  He produces complacency and rest in the midst of the battles as when the men of old cried peace, peace when there was no peace.  Like Joseph, Job, Paul, and other servants of God, may we never forget that God is still on His all powerful throng still able to count even the hair on our heads, take care of the birds who don't plant, and produce flowers more beautiful than Solomon's garments.