Biblical Church Bulletin Articles

     In these bulletin articles I have tried to point to only what the Bible says, and not to what I think.  We must speak where the Bible speaks and be silent where the Bible is silent.  We must do things in Bible ways and call things by Bible names.  Anything that is less than, more than, or different from what the Bible says is false doctrine.  False doctrine will cause one to lose his soul in eternity.     

     Please feel free to utilize any of the following articles in your church bulletin or print and use them as tracts.  Each article is about 300 to 700 words in length.  Included are a couple of guest articles.  Just copy and paste them into your bulletin.  If you have a web site please link to this site.  The web address for this site is    

     I am a member of the church of Christ.  If you have any comments or questions please E-mail me at   Ron Boatwright   

1)  Going to Heaven 
2)  When Christians Sin  
3)  Our Lord's Warning 
4)  Doing God's Will 
5)  Our Dress In Worship  
6)  Are We Saved By Faith Only? 
7)  The Thief On The Cross  
8)  Once Saved Always Saved?
9)  Baptized Into Christ
10) Marriage Is For Life
11) God Hates Divorce
12) The Question Of Remarriage
13) The Sin Of Adultery
14) Role Of Women In The Church
15) The Lord's Church
16) Our Attendance Of Worship
17) Our Singing In Worship (Part 1 of 2)
18) Our Singing In Worship (Part 2 of 2)
19) Mechanical Instruments Of Music

20) Is Instrumental Music A Doctrinal Issue?
21) Why Study God's Word
22) Baptism Is Immersion
23) Infant Baptism?
24) The Seven Ones
25) Atheistic Evolution
26) Theistic Evolution
27) Genesis 1-11 Is Historical & Literal
28) God's Wonderful Creation
29) The Authority Of God's Word
30) The Inspiration Of The Bible 
31) Obeying The Gospel 
32) The Conversion Of Paul  
33) The Sin Of Denominationalism
34) Our Bible Study Classes
35) Apostasy
36) Our Present Apostasy
37) Paul And The Sinner's Prayer
38) Our Public Enemy # 1 
39) The False Doctrine Of The Rapture 
40) Premillennialism?
41) God's Word Of Truth 
42) Eternal Punishment
43) Should We Dance?
44) The Sin Of Drinking Alcohol
45) False Doctrine
46) When The Lord Established His Church
47) Where Will You Spend Eternity?
48) The Consequences Of Sin - by Bill Green
49) The Infallibility Of The Bible
50) Are You Ready?
51) America's Continuing Holocaust
52) The Deceitfulness Of Sin
53) Beware Of False Teachers
54) We Must Put Away Lying
55) Our Inheritance In Heaven
56) Speaking In Tongues?
57) What Is Hell Like?
58) The Rich Man & Lazarus
59) "Speak To Us Smooth Things"
60) Praise Teams  
61) Forsake Not The Assembly 
62) The Qualifications Of Elders
63) The Responsibilities Of Elders
64) The Church Of Christ
65) Repentance
66) If You Were To Die Today, Would You Go To Heaven?
67) Why Do People Sin?
68) As A Thief In The Night
69) Do You Believe In Hell?
70) Be Not Conformed To This World
71) We Must Declare The Whole Counsel Of God
72) Our Conviction And Commitment To God  
73) Who Is A Christian?  
74) The Sin Of Homosexuality 
75) Why Do Personal Evangelism
76) Did God Authorize A Pope?
77) Temptation
78) Is One Church As Good As Another?
79) Trusting In God
80) Hand Clapping In Worship?
81) Judgment Day Is Coming
82) Encouraging One Another - by Larrey Rasberry
83) How Our Faith Saves Us 
84) Compromising The Truth Of God's Word
85) Does It Really Matter What You Believe?
86) Our Great Salvation In Christ Jesus
87) Is Evolution A Fact?
88) The Sinner's Prayer
89) Why You Should Marry A Christian
90) Did Jesus Make Alcoholic Wine?
91) The Chaste Bride Of Christ
92) The Devices Of Satan
93) Should We Make Judgments?
94) Suffering For Christ
95) Marriage, Divorce, and Remarriage  (2600 words)
96) The Name Christian
97) What Does It Mean To Believe In Jesus?
98) Being Willingly Ignorant
99) Counterfeit Faiths
100) We Must Give Our Best To The Lord
101) Theistic Evolution?
102) Falling Short
103) By Grace Are You Saved Through Faith
104) Matthew 19:3-12
105) Mark 10:11-12
106) Romans 7:2-3
107) 1 Corinthians 7
108) Correcting An Adulterous Marriage
109) The Deadly TULIP
110) Contemporary Worship
111) The Word Of God
112) The Baptism Of The Bible
113) The Lord's Church Is Not A Denomination 
114) The Da Vinci Delusion
115) Believing A Lie 
116) Mark 16:16 
117) Fear God
118) What Lack I Yet?
119) The Lies Of Satan  (2600 words)
120) Worldliness Or Godliness
121) God's Only Way
122) This World Is Not My Home
123) What About Christmas?
124) How To Have Unity
125) The Lord's One Church
126) Who Is Allah?
127) God
128) 1 Peter 3:21
129) Prepare To Meet Your God
130) What Will You Do With Jesus?
131) The Immortality Of Man
132) The Origin Of Denominations  
133) Who Will Be Saved?
134) Who Will Be Lost?
135) The Deception Of Denominationalism (1850 words)
136) The Suffering Of Christ
137) The Lesson Of Nadab And Abihu
138) Hypocrisy
139) On Being A Fool
140) Nothing But The Truth
141) We Are As We Think
142) Will There Be Good People In Hell?
143) The Blood Of Christ
144) Be Faithful Until Death
145) Life Is Short 
146) Sin
147) Christian Warfare
148) The Last Days
149) All That Is In The World
150) Without Excuse
151) Take Heed Lest You Fall (1100 words)
152) Condition Of Those Not Baptized To Be Saved
153) The Lie Of Evolution (1100 words)
154) The Old Testament
155) Unity With Error?
156) Judgment Day 
157) Faith Must Obey
158) Parents Must Teach Their Children
159) Baptism
160) Is There A Minimum?
161) The Truth Of God's Word
162) True Worship or Vain Worship
163) Where Are The Others?
164) Be Holy, For I Am Holy
165) What Must I Do To Be Saved?
166) We Must Give The More Earnest Heed
167) Where Will You Spend Eternity?
168) Many Conflicting Beliefs
169) Being A Member Of The Lord's One Church
170) Forgetting God
171) Christian
172) The Origin Of Denominationalism 
173) Religious Confusion
174) The Lord's One Church
175) The Second Death
176) Calling On The Name Of The Lord
177) Our Devotion To God
178) Acts 2:38
179) The Grace Of God
180) Do Not Be Robbed
181) Baptist Salvation?
182) Who Is An Unbeliever?
183) How Christ's Blood Washes Us From Our Sins
184) God Will Not Make Anyone Go To Heaven
185) Church Discipline
186) False Teachers
187) Romans Chapter 6
188) To Be Saved One Must Come Out Of Denominationalism
189) The False Doctrine Of Predestination
190) The Providence Of God
191) The Many Denominational Churches
192) There Are Only Two Ways
193) Let's Not Despise Our Birthright
194) Let's Be Faithful To The Lord
195) Redeeming The Time
196) The Scourge Of Denominationalism
197) Are We All Headed For The Same Place?
Were There Infants In The Jailor’s House Baptized?
199) Who Are Those Who Will Not Be Saved?
200) One
201) What It Means To Be A Practicing Atheist
202) Our Conviction And Commitment To The Lord
203) The Great Day Of Judgment
204) Unless You Repent
205) Easter?
206) What Is Heaven Like?
207) Does God Answer A Non-Christian's Prayer?
208) Our Need Of Endurance
209) We Must Be Baptized To Be Saved
210) Denominationalism (Part 1)
211) Denominationalism (Part 2)
212) Why Did Jesus Have To Die?
213) Forsaking The Assembly
214) Baptism Is A Command
215) Our Eternal Salvation
216) Why Believe In God?
217) Why Should I Believe In The Bible?
218) The Philippian Jailor
219) First, Not Second
220) Be Ready 
221) Our Eternal Destiny
222) Is Bible Study Important?
223) Satan Promotes Denominationalism
224) America's Continuing Holocaust 
225) Our Forgiving Of Others 
226) Restoring The Fallen
227) We Must Pray Only To God
228) The Bible

     The following four web sites are Bible studies.  The first one is It is an interactive Bible study course entitled: "Are You Really Sure Of Your Eternal Salvation?" consisting of 25 lessons.

     The second web site is It is an interactive Bible study course entitled "Are You Worshipping God In Spirit And In Truth?" consisting of 24 lessons.

     The third web site is  It is entitled: "How To Do Personal Evangelism".  It is a 11 lesson course on how to do personal evangelism and includes a 3 lesson Bible study course you can down-load, print, and use to teach others.

     The fourth web site is  It is entitled: "Bible Class Lessons" and has a number of Bible study lessons which are sound in doctrine and suitable for use in Junior High, High School and Adult Bible classes.    

If you have a web site, please link to these.


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